Play a Larger Role

Although your membership dues are already a significant gift to the library, you may want to contribute some of your valuable time as well. Opportunities exist to lend a hand on a regular, sporadic, or even once-a-year basis. We can always use help preparing for our books sales and spelling bees, as well as with fund-raising and advocacy in general. We’re especially seeking people with

  • computer skills,
  • experience fund-raising,
  • literary/publishing connections,
  • graphic art skills,
  • public relations experience,
  • legal or finanacial expertise,
  • children in the Irvington schools,
  • connections with the PTSA, IEF, Chamber of Commerce, or other community groups;

but we welcome anyone and everyone who’d like to lend a hand in any way at all. The best way to get in touch with us is by email: