2014 Flash Fiction Contest

“The doors to the library parted and…”


Cherilyn Kennedy (with Nathaniel Edgar)
Milton Lewin, Honorable Mention

Gillian Gold
Barbara Robertson, Honorable Mention

Fitz Anderson
Marlo Gordon, Honorable Mention

Submissions to the 2014 Summer Flash Fiction Contest ran the gamut from hilarious to poignant, with some being witty, others whimsical, some poetical, others philosophical, and yet another erudite. Several were illustrated with fabulous artwork, such as the phantasmagorical scene below, drawn by Eytan Wronker. It was difficult to choose winners from such a panoply of creativity.

Illustration by Eytan Wronker

Eytan Wronker, 2014

2013 Summer Haiku Contest

The purpose of this summer’s contest was to promote literacy and the love of language by encouraging people to reflect on libraries, reading, books, or poetry and to express their feelings creatively in the form of haiku. Over 70 poems were entered in the contest, expressing a wide variety of sentiments, from wonder to joy, from gratitude to wistfulness, all of them fervent.

Winners: Youth Category


Your favorite book
falls open like it wants you
to read it again


In the beginning
you quickly gobble up words
but savor the last


kids room koala
in the room of excitement
perches with its kin


I like libraries
Because they bring happiness
Also they bring joy

Winners: Adult Category


Read to me tonight
Something from your childhood
Put my mind at ease


My memory is
Of a book whose title I
Can’t remember now


Rough Irish waters
Sea legs ride a rhythm wild
In the travel aisle

2010 Summer Reading Contest

Where’s your favorite place in Irvington to read books in the summer?

More than 100 contestants (38 children, 28 teenagers, and 43 adults) answered that question during the summer of 2010, describing their favorite outdoor and indoor locations for summer reading. Written entries ranged from three words to three pages. Original artwork and photographs were also submitted.

The top five most frequently mentioned locations were: #1 in bed, #2 at the library, #3 backyard, #4 Matthiessen Park, and #5 Scenic Hudson Park.

Other locations included Halsey Pond, Irvington Farmers Market, a swing, the train station, sofa/couch, lawn chair, backyard, patio, under a tree, benches, pool, porch, car by the water, Irvington High School, Main Street School, Dow’s Lane School, Black Cat Cafe, Say Cheese & Thank You, church, roof and bathtub.

Contest Winners

Nine contestants were awarded prizes at a short ceremony held in the soon-to-be refurbished Tiffany Reading Room on Saturday, September 11.

Prizes went to:

Children (up to and including age 12):

  • 1st Place: Christina Baulch
  • 2nd Place: Emma Castiblanco
  • 3rd Place: Chloe Le Breton

Teenager (ages 13-17):

  • 1st Place: Fou Wang
  • 2nd Place: Rebecca Kissel
  • 3rd Place: Dylan Romanow Etzel

Adult (ages 18 and up):

  • 1st Place: Eytan Wronker
  • 2nd Place: Richard Lobel (tied)
  • 2nd Place: Maeve Montalvo (tied)
  • 3rd Place: Connie Kehoe

First Prize

The winning entry in the adult category was this self-portrait by Eytan Wronker, who enters a whole other world when he reads a book on his balcony over-looking the Hudson!

Wronker Balcony