Lend a Hand

Many opportunities exist to contribute some time to our cause on a regular, sporadic, or even once-a-year basis. We’re especially seeking people with

  • children in the Irvington schools
  • connections with the PTSA, IEF, Chamber of Commerce, or other community groups
  • physical strength
  • graphic art skills
  • computer, database, or web skills
  • literary/publishing connections
  • experience selling on Amazon or eBay
  • experience fund-raising
  • public relations or marketing experience
  • legal or financial expertise

…but we welcome anyone and everyone who’d like to participate in our activities in any way at all. The best way to get in touch with us is by email: friends.irvington.library@gmail.com

Volunteer at the Library

Ample opportunities exist for people of all ages to help out at the library on a regular basis. There are never enough people to repair and re-shelve all the books, both in the adult and children’s sections.

Working at the library is a great way for high school students to fulfill their Community Service requirement. In the summertime, especially, teens are needed to help with all the great children’s programs.

For further information, contact Pam Bernstein (591-7840) or at pbernstein@wlsmail.org.